Firmware updates for computer for windows machine running EOS

My Dell came with Windows originally, so the available bios/firmware update downloads are .exe files. I think I ve done a bios update for this machine while running EOS, but what about something like Intel Management Engine Components Installer exe, or other firmware update exe s for hardware ? Do I install like I do with a bios update?

I use ventoy with hiren’s boot disk, and save the .exe on it also.

It can then run it when you not into hiren’s.

It may not work on all but I’ve had it work 100% on 3 different computers so far.

Edit: the “other” stuff is built into Linux kernel.

This only applies to firmware.

I also fixed your title. Puter isn’t a thing. I’m assuming you meant computer.

If not change it back and let me know whatever in the world a puter is.

It sounds like some sort of slang for people’s middle parts.

The bios upgrade can simply be done in the bios which I did today. It s things like chipset updates I am wondering about. I did try fwupd. It installed one update; Secure Boot dbx Configuration Update, which is for Windows. I have no idea if Linux even cares about it. It did not update the chipset though, even though there is an update on Is that something that I should install? It s the 5th update in the above image.

Most of these .exe updates updates are Windows related such as chipset. The only thing to really be concerned with is firmware updates for UEFI. You can do that on most modern hardware directly from the UEFI settings.

try with firmware-manager