Firewalld unwanted services installed while updating system

Strange services are getting installed in firewalld while updating system for the first time.
For example these are some.

Settlers history collection
If iam trying to remove and reinstall firewalld, run time error occurs. firewalld does not work.

Tried to remove services as well. But they are not getting removed even after removing xml file.
Please help with fix and high light root cause for these unwanted services inclusion.

Those services are related to games. My guess is they have been added as a convenience for people who play the game, so they can make the needed adjustments in the firewall without the bother of creating a custom set of rules.

It looks like fourteen game-related services were added, plus a bunch of other services as well. See the 2.0 changelog here:

My understanding is the services don’t do anything if you aren’t using them. Still, if you would like to delete them it looks straightforward enough:


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