Firewalld program manipulation

Hacker has been able to modify firewalld and nftables.
nftables Tables created with rulesets are deleted
firewalld is not showing interface wlan0 and only lo in its connections.
Also remove push button in interfaces is disabled.
I will format PC and reload OS. But what is the credibility of linux kernel and its sub system nftables.? IP showing country as NA,probably USA proxy IP.
geo net filter activated worked one day.Next day hacker made everything obsolete.
rule sets are not working in firewalld and nftables(chain,set,element,rule)
Any clues for future Linux kernel and EOS reputation protection.We can do that.Not impossible.
> I have a question:
> netgeo filter block based on country worked for me one day.
> Next day stopped.
> Even otherwise proxies are going to bypass block.
> Why networking hardware vendors and firewall software,linux kernel can not identify hops behind proxy?.They can not be invisible.Block should still function identifying hops behind proxy and their country.
Currently system is up to date with latest kernel,arch linux packages

Redmond and Silicon valley are trying to malign Linux OS through ISP servers and Andriod phones. I use Andriod phone as Wifi hotspot for internet connection. System is vulnerable. ISP or Andriod guys are at full liberty to intrude.

Today system displaying nftables.python does not exist when trying to reload firewalld after adding an ipset with block zone.
Firewalld in failed state now.
This is just to update on system condition and firewalld,nftables function
My ISP BSNL is spoofing.
Please check screen shot with Client IP and in the same screen shot IP derived from curl https://ipinfo/ip. Both are different for single 3G mobile data connection. Server is controlling my PC by screen share spoofing. More over mac of andriod phone used for wifi and my PC mac are known to all ISP’s in india. That is the culprit. When gates are open flood water is going to destroy property no matter if you put 100,000 sand bags to prevent. The hacker should be ashamed to have used such tactics to intrude any PC. Both EOS and me are not minting Trillions of Dollars like American tech companies and its Indian employees. I will start using biometrics for EOS henceforth.I can even format PC every morning.No issues.Those cowards should understand that every one is not like them with out ethics.


Providing entire system package list as screen shots
> Couple of packages are of concern
> golang-golang-x-net 0.0.20220826-1
> goreleaser 1.16.2-1
> gcc-go 13.1.1-1
Google eco system in India is rotten.They are like cyber criminals.They want to create millions of apps daily and charge poor people around world.They don’t like people to save their eyes by using laptop or desktop.Rather people should use andriod,apple phones and get glasses as early as 10 years old or loose eye sight in the long term.
World is not fair.Money rules the world.