[Firefox][wayland][Sway] Folders with many entries in them on my bookmarks toolbar do not open

Firefox. When I try to open a link present in a folder of the bookmarks bar, which contains a large number of links, the folder does not open, and sometimes firefox crashes.

in order for someone to be able to help you here, they need more information. It’s best to type about:crashes in the address bar and press enter, then post the crash report here in the forum. if the report is too long use something like pastebin and post the link.

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[@ gdk_wayland_window_ensure_cairo_surface.isra.0] - Firefox 103.0.1 Crash Report - Report ID 700e5639-af39-4200-9003-aeefc0220809.pdf (87.0 KB)

Apparently the problem has already been reported

I solved with:

paru -S sway-git

and choose option 1.

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