Firefox Theme broken

Hello all,

I recently have the problem that the theme “System theme - auto” looks like this:

When I manually set “Light” or “Dark” everything looks as intended.

I use the Gnome desktop and the Gnome firefox theme customizations I have disabled; has anyone had this problem or knows advice?

Which GTK theme are you using? Have you tried the standard Adwaita?

WM Theme: Adwaita
Theme: Layan-light-solid [GTK2/3]
Icons: Papirus [GTK2/3]

This is with Adwaita:

With the dark themes this also works without problems only with the light ones not

As the GTK theme?

GTK is the first one?

Looks like auto to me. What is wrong with it?
Firefox may default to light GTK theme with white text. You may try to set some parameters in about:config page.

widget.content.allow-gtk-dark-theme	true
widget.content.gtk-theme-override	Adwaita

or something along that line. I was playing with those a long time ago and I am not sure if they still have some effect with latest css rules.

Yes. How did you set this value:


but the problem is not with the dark theme, that works as intended only the light seems to have for whatever reason suddenly problems

I simply selected the style at the top “Applications” and then restarted the GNOME Shell to be on the safe side

I have now found what the problem is, this variable:

System light Theme:

Delete the variable fixes the problem

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