Firefox Problems in EOS

Hey there! Once again, I’d like to thank you all for all the help I’d received on this forum recently. It was truly amazing.

I’d like to showcase two problems I’ve encountered in firefox, and perhaps get help with them in case anyone had them as well.

I’ll preface this by saying my internet connection is as stable as could be (at least for me), with around 500MB/s download and a low ping, as well as a moderately high upload rate.

Now, to the point; as I’ve used firefox, I’ve noticed two strange things happening. The first is that sometimes, when I play music or something in YouTube, the video keeps lagging and the loading really slow, which sometimes causes it to restart. The other is that firefox crashes sometimes, in ways that didn’t happen to me before.

Did anyone encounter such errors, or does anyone have any idea how to approach them?

Thank you so much in advance :slight_smile:

did you ever try another browser ? – same things happen ?
if it is only in firefox, you may give firefox-ESR a trial. It works more resource-saving…

Launch firefox from a terminal and see if you get any meaningful messages.

Hey! I did not yet, I will try that as well to check, although I particularly like Firefox.

Thank you, I’ll try it out too :slight_smile:

With 500 Mbps this makes no sense to me at all. What is your hardware? Post the url.

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog

On all my FF installs, I always set the following in about:config. I am not sure that it does anything, but from experience it hasn’t hurt anything either:

(set to true)

Some terrific advice here:

Might be a problem with hardware acceleration if you have problem with videos (settings → general → performance).

Or maybe it has something to do with pipewire. I had some conflicts with pulseaudio on my system not long ago and it basicaly broke every streaming video for me.

Did you also try to launch fresh profile (create a new one with firefox -P)? That will rule out problem with your profile config or installed extensions.

Hey there!

Thank you, I’ll go over it!

Uh. Perhaps! I’ll try that as well. I did not try to start with a fresh profile.

One of the first steps before I do anything is either:

  1. Launch firefox -p and create a new profile - see how that goes.
  2. Create a new user, log in as ‘Test’ on a vanilla account.

Guaranteed to clear up 99% of problems - but let’s not be too hasty, if it’s not Firefox/EOs related, I’d put half my eggs in the profile basket and maybe a few other eggs in the ‘Nvidia alert’ basket.

I did have an issue with Firefox crashing out - but not for over 3 months… but never anything with laggy YT.

I’m running it with uBlock Origin, SponsorBlock, and Enhancer - no problem at all.

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