Firefox: i cannot create a post in the forum

i have, like many others probably, several firefox user profiles. one with the arkenfox user.js. with this profile it is no longer possible for me to post or reply in the forum.

does anyone else use the arkenfox user.js?
does it work for you?
with the user.js from the everything works as it should

Yes, I do.

Yes, no problems on my side. Posting with it right now.

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Check your extensions.

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Oneplus to @dalto’s reply.

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ok thanks, it must be something on my side. i will check the extensions.
i’m sure i didn’t change anything. probably there was an update somewhere and an extension doesn’t work correctly with ublock or user.js anymore.

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@dalto @pebcak @yum13241

under ublock ‘myfilters’ a rule slipped in which blocked the eos forum.
everything works fine again :+1:

my fault, shame on me :sunglasses:


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