Firefox Global Menu

I want to install KDE Plasma on a new machine I bought, and was checking application integration ( am/was a GNOME user). Checking Firefox as it will be the only non-KDE app I intend to use, I read that the official FF does not support global menu integration.

While duckduckgoing I couldn’t find new-ish information on alternatives like plasmafox, firedragon etc…

Is there a viable alternative?

(If possible I want to avoid AUR, and certainly not add extra repos)

I don’t think you can avoid AUR or a 3rd party repo here unless you do a custom build yourself.

There are several different versions available in the AUR if you are willing to let it compile. With a browser this will take between 30 minutes and 3 hours depending on your hardware.

If you want a precompiled binary, you best bet is probably firefox-appmenu-bin from the AUR.

IMO, installing from the AUR may be less than risk then using a derivative browser where security patches can be delayed by days or weeks.(Or months in the case of some browsers)

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How about a containerized flatpak? I guess you do technically add the flat hub repo though.

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