Firefox 128: Website Advertising Preferences

Firefox 128 comes with this new setting which is enabled by default.

Click on the learn more link to learn more about it and to decide for yourself if you want to disable it or just leave it enabled.

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This is experimental and not enabled for anyone.
I’m in the Netherlands and don’t have this setting

EDIT: I need to correct myself, i don’t have version 128 jet…

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That’s interesting.

In the blog post, Mozilla does mention that this feature is experimental but it doesn’t say anything about it being “geo-restricted”.

Privacy-preserving attribution (PPA) is an experimental feature shipping in Firefox version 128.
PPA is enabled in Firefox starting in version 128. A small number of sites are going to test this and provide feedback to inform our standardization plans, and help us understand if this is likely to gain traction.


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This is on a dutch website

Firefox now supports the experimental Privacy Preserving Attribution API, which provides an alternative to user tracking for ad attribution. This experiment is only enabled via origin trial and can be disabled in the new Website Advertising Preferences section in the Privacy and Security settings.

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It was enabled by default for me here in :uk:
I’m using uBlock Origin, so I’ve disabled it.


Same here in :de: . Enabled by default.
Using ublock origin


Yep, enabled by default here in :us:.
I’ve been using uBlock Origin for years, so I’ve disabled it.


also USA. It’s present and disabled.

“Allow websites to perform privacy-preserving ad measurement
This helps sites understand how their ads perform without collecting data about you. Learn more”

^^ When anyone in the digital world tries to sell you gibberish like this, believe the opposite. Because it always is.



It is enabled by default also in the Dutch version:


It’s set here on mine to enabled.


They recently acquired ad metrics company " Anonym", so something like this is expected

Official announcement :


Mozilla is working with Meta and other actors on defining an in-browser attribution API. The purpose of this API is to provide a privacy-first design for advertising companies to be able to measure how advertising drives conversions. (source)

Okay, thankyou. Conflict of interest with Meta

Apologies to all

I’m still on version 127 (Arch is late with update i guess) so my statement is not true


I don’t believe so. I updated last night after work…


Just updated, thanks

And yes the advertisement setting is indeed there, turned it off

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Man. We gonna need to all switch to and donate to Librewolf at this rate.

Why do they think it’s okay to enable a setting like that if all your other user-facing telemetry settings have been disabled?

They should’ve at least launched a pop-up or opened the settings page after updating to show you the change.


Actually I think it’s a worthwhile idea, someone has to do something to improve the situation. What I don’t like:

  1. Either is is experimental (and hidden away behind some config flag) or it’s ready to be shipped as default for a significant amount of users. Pick one. Calling it experimental is the aspect of the underlying business-model for Mozilla, not the user’s point of view.
  2. Give users some insight. It’s great that you can turn it off, but it feels like a black box at the moment. Do something like KDE telemetry where you can easily see what data is collected/send.

PS: It’s enabled here.


Just installed it and it had it checked by default:



I’m not sure why you guys are so quick to disable this feature. Did you read through the information in the link?

Disabling this feature is basically saying “I would prefer websites continue to monitor my online behavior with cross-site tracking. Please do not offer them an anonymous way of collecting this information instead.”


System VPN + Browser VPN + uBlock + Containers here.

I’m good.

But I understand your point. This is somewhat similar to what Brave does.

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