Finding a decent linux firewall

I am trying to find a decent firewall for linux where you can configure it based on applications you want able to connect to the internet and which applications you want to be allowed to connect. So far I have tried out GUFW gui for UFW and it only seems to allow you to either allow or block a port. Is there any better gui for ufw that allows you to block and allow by application, not just port. Or another firewall application. Something with a nice gui would be preferred if possible.


For more advanced application level blocking you might need to the eBPF module.


I really like the look of Douane but does it work on Endeavour OS?

I tried it but I could not understand how to use it, So I just removed it off my system. I probably should of took the time to read through the documentation but imo a personal firewall should not be that difficult to understand and use. I am guessing Portmaster may not be what I was looking for or maybe I am just too dumb to figure it out. I might take another look at it some time in the future if I do not find anything more suitable.