Finally I got a satisfactory Gnome setup


Looks nice!

Especially this saying of Confucius fits GNOME very well.

why so? Does Gnome go/evolve slowly? What would you say about XFCE then?

I’ve got various issues with Gnome. This time I finally got the setup that allows me to fully utilize my hardware and run my system smoothly.

I used to be a Gnome guy. You can get it pretty nice. I have to have Dash to Dock to like it today. Otherwise I think it jumps back and forth. Today I prefer Xfce. But I find things I like with all desktop environments!

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I like KDE most. But it has issues with Nvidia-only setup and multiple screens.

  • Nvidia-only: Some apps, such as KDE Settings, can’t display properly after wake up from sleep. It’s a bug listed in Nvidia site.
  • Multiple screens: apps on 2nd screen cannot preserve their position after resume from screen dim or screen power-off.

Gnome has better support for multiple screens. So I plan to use it more. But only today I managed to get everything right.

Very Nice! What is the dock?

Very nice setup

It’s Dash to Dock. It supports Gnome 3.38 well.

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