Finally got my main workstation back on Arch

As an experiment, I added Fedora to zfs multiboot setup on my primary workstation and tried running it for a month. I had to make some changes to my jobs to accommodate SELinux.

The good news is that the experiment was a success. I had no major problems using Fedora for everything I needed to do. The bad news is I was too lazy busy to modify the jobs on my Arch install and so one month turned into more like 4 months. :face_with_monocle:

On a positive note, I made some scripts to quickly enable and disable all the jobs/services so I can more easily switch back and forth whenever I want to. :nerd_face:


Dalto, That’s great news.
Way to go

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luckily I do not need a computer for my Job and my knives are running on veggies and meats only :hocho: :shallow_pan_of_food:
But I was testing on fedora currently too, mainly around grub and wayland but i do not like all that modifications they have done… a lot of stuff looks like workarounds :hammer:

I don’t use grub so for me that didn’t matter. I do like the way everything just sort of works when you remove grub and install systemd-boot.

I agree, regardless of the grub, I didn’t like the partitioning system, very confusing. It’s just my opinion.