Finally got Dolphin to run as root & flatpak/snap support in Pamac!

As the title says. The hardest part was getting Dolphin to run as root. Some modifications were needed.
And as I don’t like using AUR if I don’t absolutely need to, I also custom built Pamac Package Manager to enable support for Flatpak, Snap and AUR.


That shouldn’t be needed any more - there should be better ways of doing what you’re trying to do than running graphical applications as root. :confused:

Not sure whether that’s a feature or a bug… :grin:


prefere appimages :stuck_out_tongue:

just joking,…if i use would be that but dont run any thing , just from repo and aur basicly.


Well unfortunately I like as much GUI as possible.
Terminal just seems “outdated” to me.
You may ask why am I using Arch/Endeavour OS then?..Well I’m asking myself the same question

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Right, but you shouldn’t need to run the application as root. There are other ways to do things as root without running Dolphin as root. For example, various KDE applications will “open file as root”, and gvfs has an admin:// location which allows root-level access to files and directories.

Essentially, running Dolphin as root is like using a hammer to peel a hard-boiled egg.


As a side-note: There was a tidbit about the backstory and current state in the recent Nate Graham interview:

PS: If you’re into KDE the whole interview is worth watching.


If we got rid of snap, it would be a feature.

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Well OpenSUSE comes with a patched version of Dolphin with running as root enabled by default.
I prefer it that way.

ok, is ok if you want that, opensuse is also kde centric imsure there is a reason.

If you really need Dolphin as root. . . I recommend midnight commander. sudo pacman -S mc

You can easily run it as sudo mc in terminal and you get a very usable split file manager


I would love that! Personally find Discover very unreliable. AUR support would come in handy too. No interest in Snaps. If I am going to be running a GUI based package manager, I’d rather only run one that unifies things like that.

Having issues with Discover not creating menu entries for applications it installs for example - didn’t have that problem with pamac on Manjaro.

Yeah I had issues with Discover aswell which was the main reason I built the custom Pamac.
It’s good. I like to have the option to use snaps if I absolutely need them but at the moment that option to show snaps in Pamac is turned off.

Was it complicated to implement Flatpak support?

Nah not really. Just had to change a few parameters and rebuild the package and it’s dependencies.
I’ll try make my own custom pkg or even just a script and somehow send it to you I guess.

I’d assume that if you build the Manjaro PKGBUILD you would end up with the same thing.

Would ya? Are you sure? 100% sure?

You’re coming across rather aggressively, and I’m not sure why you’d do that…

Are you saying that you don’t get Snap and Flatpak support if you build Pamac using the Manjaro PKGBUILD?

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The manjaro PKGBUILD relies on pacman-mirrors.

Enabling flatpak and snap in pamac from AUR is as simple as installing flatpak and snapd and setting enable-snap=true and enable-flatpak=true in the PKGBUILD.

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I’m not sure whether pacman-mirrors is actually needed. I suspect it isn’t really needed; the pamac-refresh-mirrors.timer shouldn’t be enabled by default.

I did try a quick edit+build but it wants snapd and snapd-glib which I don’t have (and I don’t really want to build a whole dependency chain just to see if it will build).

Either way, you have to build a dependency chain, edit a PKGBUILD, and build the final package. :slight_smile:

OMG here we go. Mate, I was simply saying that tongue in cheek. Are people really this soft that they take EVERYTHING literally and aggressively?
IF I wanted to be aggressive, trust me when I tell you I would be a lot worse and actually aggressive.