Finally Dropping Google: Need help syncing appls/calendars

A little over a year ago I started moving away from Google. I started using and also setup my own server. The server originally hosted Nextcloud, but I have since moved away from that in favor of basic file storage. All photos sync to the sever via SMBsync2, which seems to be working well.

At this point I am trying to streamline my mail, calendar, and documents as I have been using multiple solutions.

I plan to stick with for mail and calendar as well. I am using k-9 for mail on android which works fine. But need a good open source calendar app. Also need a good method for accessing the calendar on my laptop (Endeavour Gnome).

Also need a recommendation for documents. I am still hesitant to put my server online. But would like a way to sync backup the files from my phone/computer when I connect to my home network again (I think I can use SMBsync for this on the phone), but need a good option for the laptop.

So this is what I need

calendar- open source option for android and gnome (Caldav I think)
Documents- way to view and sync to home sever android and gnome

Would appreciate your recommendations!


Nextcloud ?
You need a provider for syncing or use your own server.

Thunderbird + Lightning



Etesync does a great job for me syncing my contacts & calendar securely.

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I am using Nextcloud with a free account on (4Gb free).
I sync my calendars to Lightning, my contacts to Thunderbird with Cardbook extension, as to Android with DAVx5.
Works well for me.


Thanks everyone for all the recommendations. With recent power outages and a few other things it took me a while to get back.

I was able to get my account to sync with Evolution and used a program on Android to sync with the calendar there. I will look into Syncthing and Etesync as that may fill my other need.

I do have a disroot account that I use for syncing my Joplin notes. It has worked good. My biggest concern for disroot was just wondering how long it would last, but it is still going!

I use Thunderbird which syncs to mailfence for emails/contacts/calendar. Davx(5) on my phone/tablet that syncs same contacts/calendar from mailfence.

I sync one folder on my main PC using Syncthing via wifi connection that syncs to my laptop as well. I also use it to sync photos and a document folder to/from my android devices.

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Thanks. It looks like Syncthing will be the final piece to the puzzle that allows me to tie everything together.

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