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Due to email capacity limitation -5Mo - I would like exchange large files ( up to 60 Mo) from computer to computer by configuring my pc as a server; I have already Filezilla ( std endeavour repo) installed and I use it regularly without difficulties to send files to a server ( for a website server ).
I installed Filezilla-server from aur but infortunately this apps can’t be launched ! It 's normal ? are Fillezilla-server and Filezilla redundant or complementary ?
Where to find data in order to configure my computer as a server ? Or is there any alternate way to exchange large files from pc to pc - in safe mode - without requiring a server ?
Note : I don’t want to use a cloud for exchanging files , I want a direct a safe connection from 2 computers.

For filezilla, there is probably a service you need to start and enable. Check the package for a service file.

That being said, I would just use ssh or something like syncthing depending if you are trying to ad-hoc transfer or fully sync.

If the 2 PCs are on the same network, Warpinator will do it.

Check out croc.
Allow any two computers to simply and securely transfer files and folders. Enables easy end-to-end encrypted cross-platform transfers (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS).

I use this to quickly and securely copy the occasional file(s) at work. No problem getting through the company firewall.

This is what I would privately use too. But ssh and syncthing don’t work at work (Windows and company policy); croc does.

Main FileZilla Server developer here, but not an user of EndeavourOS until today. Just tried to install filezilla-server from AUR, and noticed that not only it’s a very old version of FileZilla Server, but it also doesn’t run any of the installation scripts the debian package it uses as a backend is comprised of and, most importantly, it doesn’t have its dependencies satisfied.

I suggest you download the latest binary from the official FileZilla Server website:

The deb package can be installed with the aid of debtap, but it won’t run the installation scripts and hence no service will automatically be created. There’s also the tar archive you can download, and it will run out of the box once the dependencies are satisfied.

The server binary is going to be installed as /opt/filezilla-server/bin/filezilla-server, and it can be configured by running /opt/filezilla-server/bin/filezilla-server-gui

For further assistance, please refer to the official FileZilla Server forum.


If someone needs it.
Used the PKGBUILD file from AUR. Changed the version and the sha256sum and added

sudo systemctl start filezilla-server.service works.

I can start the gui to configure the server with

I didn’t test the function of the server.

# Maintainer: FraV1982 <>

pkgdesc="A simple FTP, FTPS or SFTP server for ArchLinux."




prepare() {
  cd "$srcdir"
  msg2 "Decompressing Debian package..."
  ar xv "${_debname}" > /dev/null
  tar -xf data.tar.xz > /dev/null

package() {
  cd "$srcdir"
  cp -dpr --no-preserve=ownership {etc,opt,usr} "$pkgdir"

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And thanks for your insight. Unfortunately AUR sometimes includes outdated packages. But this is the way we can work together to help fix things. :sweat_smile:

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I have been getting the message timed out, even I setup time. in filezilla settings.
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