Files in Documents folder shown on desktop

I wanted to change the wallpaper and have a .png file I wanted to use. In Cinnamon it’s easy to do, in KDE Plasma it is a bit more convoluted. In Quick Settings I clicked on Change wallpaper, then changed the location to Documents because that is where the png file resides.

I got the wallpaper change alright, but now all the files and subfolders of the Documents folder are shown on the desktop, incl. confidential ones. If I delete them from the desktop they are deleted from the Documents folder too.

This is what I get when I go to the Documents folder in Nemo:

I googled for it but could not find a solution.

Is it possible that files


for some reason have wrong contents?

There is ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs, and this what is in it:


There is also ~/.config/user-dirs.locale, and that is empty.

I have only en_GB in it.

That location box isn’t the location of the wallpaper. It is the location of the desktop files.

Click the “Add Image” button to load your wallpaper.


Right, but how can I get rid of the Document folder files on the desktop without deleting them altogether.?

Change the location back to the correct location.


Yep, that did it. Thank you! :pray:
I panicked a bit because of the confidential info in some of the files.

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