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I have neofetch running, and with having set up a conky, I wanted to disable neofetch. Its config fie is in ~/.config/neofetch. So, I changed the name of the config.conf file, but then a new config.conf file was created immediately.

I then changed the name of the neofetch to Qneofetch and a new neofetch folder was created immediately.

I now realize that the config file is not related to stopping neofetch from running. But I am confused by the automatic “corrective” action to the changes taken by the system.

Why does that happen?

Ask the people who wrote it? It is not a feature of the OS, it is a feature of the program… “Oh look, no config, better create one.”

Because the application ‘neofetch’ is programmed that way?

OK, I did not know that, I thought it was a “reaction” against the OS. As it seems to be a popular program, perhapssomeone here would the reason.

Does it start when you open a terminal?
Did you add neofetch to .bashrc?

neofetch --config none

Yes, it starts when I open a terminal.

I have this ~/username/.config/neofetch with its config.conf file.
And in the .bashrc file, at the bottom there is a line neofetch --off, which suggests to me neofetch should not run.

Run that in the terminal once? Will it then remain disabled, even after a reboot? If yes, how would I re-enable it, if I ever wanted that, by doing neofetch --config?

Nope, run it every time and it will not look for a config, it is not disabling anything, there is no option.

Run neofetch --help to see all the command line options. But that is it.

–off Shortcut to use ‘off’ backend (Disable ascii art).

Looks like it only disables ascii art.

I would suggest to remove that line from .bashrc if you want it not to run at all whenever you open a terminal.

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 --off                       Shortcut to use 'off' backend (Disable ascii art).

What do you want to actually accomplish?
Not run neofetch on terminal startup??
Then just remove it from your .bashrc
There is no reason to remove the config file.
You know you can just run it anytime you want by just typing neofetch in the terminal right?
And if you don’t want it all, just uninstall it and then remove the configs


Thank you, that did the trick

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Yep, that’s what I want. I don’t want to uninstall it at this stage because I might want to re-enable it in the future.

Yeah, I realized that, like I said in my OP, because a config file is never responsible for running a process, it just sets the appearance, like CSS does, if I am not mistaken.

Why not just uninstall it then?

Because I 1st want to see if I really like it, and how it compares with the same info displayed in the terminal with Neofetch. Eventually I will choose 1 or the other.

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