File manager

My current file manager is nemo (since i use cinnamon)
i like how it handles tabs (when i have several tabs open and i close one it opens the right tab to the closed one, or the first left one if its already the last tab).
however one of the constant problems cinnamon still has even after its apparent thumbnail update is how it gets really laggy with drag and drop after a while.

just wanted to see which of the plenty file manager could have a similar functionality
(my backup file manager is caja, if it could replicate how its handles tabs or if it could remember what view i used on a folder specific basis id use it all the time.

Thunar also has tabs. But it opens the first left tab when the current one is closed. And I don’t know if its possible to change the behavior.

thunar is pretty nice, however the way it display folders sizes is less than optimal, if it could display the number of items in it instead of the 1 mb it shows, even if there are files in it it could be a serious contender.

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Not quite sure what you’re getting at here - my Thunar display on entering a folder includes: (example /home/freebird):
30 folders, 20 files: 69.9 MiB (73,316,547 bytes), Free space: 177.6 GiB
I am not sure what else it could say? :grin:

Perhaps an older one acted differently, but this is the current edition (4.16.1).


i think you refer to what it displays when im IN the folder, i mean when i am not in it.
i need it to display the numbers of how many items are in a folder without having to go into it, like this, this is not what i am after:

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If you have any of the pamac variations (e.g. pamac-aur-git) installed, you can look for file manager and get a big list of alternatives.

On a terminal you can do about the same with commands

 pacman -Ss file manager   # only from Arch (=well supported)
 yay -Sas file manager     # only AUR

I think the default file managers of each Desktop are overall great candidates.
But of course there may be other great file managers, depending on your expectations.

I’d suggest simply trying some of them to see which one(s) you like.


i have tried a few in my time, sadly my results where less than stellar.
nemo (of fcourse cause cinnamon)
caja (if it werent for hwo it handles tabs and that compact mode it would be almost perfect)
thunar (only if it werent for the whole size of folders issue)
dolphin (feels bloated and slow)
konqueror (id like a single program for a single purpose)
nautilus (does not remember individual
deepin file manager (wont download from the aur)
pcmanfm (not a friend of itsd ui and how small thumbnails are)

if there are any other gui file manager that would serve my need im all ears

Another way to look at the file managers is to see their developer sites with eos-pkginfo, e.g.:

 eos-pkginfo krusader

Krusader might be OK, but I haven’t tried that for a long time.

Anyway, you already listed the ones that I had in mind. Other file managers that I have tried in history are in the AUR, so that’s apparently not OK for you.

Personally love Dolphin and use the timeline Modified Today/Yesterday feature pretty much daily for work.

Deepin-file-manager is available in the official repositories.

was able to install deeping file manager through yay this time, sadly it has the same problem of not being able to display what is in folders before being in them.

when it comes to krusader it is a dual pane file manager ti seems, being able to have multiple tabs would be a pretty vital feature.

thank you for both of your suggestions tho!

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Just wanted to say, @AmandaONeill, I totally understand your struggle. I’m also not totally satisfied with any of the file managers out there. All of them have their strengths and their weak points. So in the end I just picked the one that was closest to what I needed.

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What about doublecmd (gtk2 and qt5 version available)?
It is highly configurable. You can even add you own columns to be displayed.

Field contents can be found here.
I didn’t have a closer look, if any of those meets your needs.

It is always installed on my systems. I like it very much. I appreciate all the functionality it offers (if the optional dependencies, which are quite a few, are installed).

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Pcmanfm and midnight commander are always my favorites.

those are all very nice suggestions but i think ill stick to nemo and caja as they are the closests to the things i need.
thank you all for participating here!