Ffmpeg update breaks Mega.nz Desktop

I am using mega.nz to synchronize the files of some important directories on my computer and later access them from different remote computers.
I use Mega Desktop with Gnome. The problem is often some system update corrupts the functioning of the program. The situation improved somewhat when, at the suggestion of someone on this forum, I installed megasync-nopdfium.
However, this module depends on ffmpeg, which was updated today to vers. 2:7.0.1-1.
Now the desktop program cannot start and the log records the error:

megasync.desktop[1762]: /usr/bin/megasync: error while loading shared libraries: libavcodec.so.60: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Indeed, this version of ffmpeg provides libavcodec.so=61-64, which is different from what megasync expects.
Any suggestions for overcoming these issues once and for all?

megasync-nopdfium is an AUR package, you need to rebuild it when a dependency updates to a new version.

Thank you. I’ll try it

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It works. Thanks

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