Ferdium - Not Entirely Understanding It

I’ve been checking out more new apps that I’m not familiar with, and I’ve run across Ferdium https://ferdium.org/

It seems like it’s a sandboxed app manager with the benefit of being able to create “workspaces” which would each have the set of apps you choose enabled in there. So for a “work” workspace you might have email, skype and a few other office apps in there. For the “after work” workspace you might have YouTube, Netflix, Discord and a few other casual/leisure type apps in there.

I’m really confused though. Is this thing running Android apps? Is this a true Sandbox? Is it a VM? Is it like a “subsystem hub” that has Android and Windows subsystems integrated (which allows running those apps) or something? I’m really confused. I don’t get it, entirely, so I haven’t installed it yet lol! Also, I didn’t find the info I’m looking for in the documentation, so figured I’d bring it up here.

Thanks all! :slight_smile:

It appears to be an electron application for accessing cloud/web services in a single application.

In what way is it sandboxed?

I don’t think it is any of those things.

Similar thing you can achieve with Opera browser and it’s sidebar

It uses Chrome as web-interface. As for real sandboxing I‘m not sure.

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It’s just another way of having all your messaging apps in a single program instead of having multiple web browser tablets achieving the same thing. I used ferdium for a while before going back to my trusted chrome/firefox tabs

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I just use it as a replacement for things like pidgin and trillian. it uses the web based versions of messengers. it’s like a specialized browser

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OHHHHHH k I see. Cool, thank you for the explanation. It’s WAY less complicated than I thought it was lol! :laughing:

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