Favourite Screenshot Tools

What are your favourite screenshot programs for i3wm? I’m just looking for something that would let me select an area and copy to clipboard or save if I need to. I don’t want anything that would automatically upload to the web like gyazo, but if you do like one of those tools best feel free to mention it.

I’m not on a WM, but I like to use (for ease-of-use) flameshot:

It was recommended here py @pebcak a longer while ago, and I still love using it for many reasons…

It allows for editing features, as well as upload to imgur (not by default).



I was going to recommend scrot :sweat_smile:

I think it should come with the default installation of EnOS’ i3WM though.

It’s a CLI tool.



Yup, scrot is there by default! I used scrot -s and it let me select a region then saved it onto a file.

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Thank you for the suggestion! It only wants to install a few QT5 dependencies.

Anyone else get glitchy weird blue lines displayed when selecting a region? Any idea what it could be?

please consider open a new thread… this one is 5 month old .