Favorite dark and light themes

just wanted to show my current favourite dark and light theme, im always open to see new flashy ricing that i could try out for myself as well, so show me what you got!



im torn on the light theme so there are two since i use both of them quite often.


For light, I’m in my warm library… Terminal is just translucent enough to pick up background hints.

To get guayadeque in the right ballpark I discovered my new favourite light GTK theme which is breeze-solarized-light which goes along with my ‘card’ color theme (easily found and downloaded in the KDE dialogue).

For dark, I’m not fussy - as long as it’s gentler shades of grey - oh, and with either light or dark it must be the ‘breeze-Chameleon’ which take their colour from the theme as you see in Dolphin there. If I put on my ‘marble’ colours you’ll see this:

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I can’t stand light themes since they make my eyes hurt.

I tried the Redmond classic themes, but, aside from being too white, the taskbar is pretty ugly as well so that makes them unusable.

Many other dark themes have rounded corners, which again, makes then unusable for me.

I keep looking for that next theme that might surpass my current theme, but I think I am stuck forever with Qogir the theme! https://github.com/vinceliuice/Qogir-theme

The taskbar is Cblack but modified so that it matches the colors of Qogir.

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I like Breeze Dark on Plasma. It’s simple, easy on the eyes, nothing too fancy, but pleasant to look at.


Check out vimix-dark if you haven’t already. Nice square corners and a good theme overall.

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Ant-dracula theme of gtk and kvantum is nice also on kde have it :slight_smile:


Excuse my curiosity, but you know 5.9 kernel series is EOL, the last being 5.19.16?

You caught me. I am more up-to-date, but used a old screenshot since my UI is basically the same there was no need to make a new screenshot. :stuck_out_tongue: