Faulty hdd rescue

I recently installed an old hdd without checking it with smart and i found out it’s faulty when I started getting input/output errors. Previously I had the same model hard drive with bootloader on sda1, win7 on sda2, linux on sda3 and swap on sda4. Now it’s the same but sda3 is a ddrescue copy of the linux partition from the “new” disk (sdb1). The problem is that sda3 (around 40 GB) is much smaller than the filesystem on sdb1 (around 145 GB), but it can fit all of the data from sdb1. Can’t use resize2fs on sdb1 because it eventually gives I/O errors. Currently can’t mount the clone on sda3, can’t use e2fsck because of bad superblock info, and resize2fs doesn’t want to proceed without a filesystem check. What can I do except storing win7 somewhere else and using ddrescue to fully clone sdb to sda?

I strongly advise avoiding any write operation on the disk you’re trying to recover data from.

There may be a cleverer way around this, but personally I’d be trying to keep it simple, and finding a disk big enough to contain the backup of sdb1.

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Found an external hdd big enough. Will write when it finishes (hopefully).

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All good, needed a long time to copy everything back and forth, could’ve figured out myself, but thank you. Marked as answer

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