Fastfetch and image logo

Dunno if this is the right place for this question, so sorry in advance if is not.

I have a doubt about the use of fastfetch. I would like to put the logo as an image on the terminal and I saw that there is a --list-logos option in which EndeavourOS already exists.
Can I then use something that is already inside fastfetch or do I still have to edit the configuration file and tell it where the logo I want to use is?
Do you have any ideas about this?

If you want to use another inbuilt logo run

fastfetch --logo LOGO-NAME-HERE


fastfetch --logo arch

For more information on how to set and customise the logo see here

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I guess to change it permanently you need to change the logo in the config file.

To do this it would be this I think

fastfetch --whatever-flags --gen-config

but in this case it will not be a image logo, am I right?

If you mean no ascii art, but a real image, first your terminal should support the sixel or kitty graphics protocol, like Kitty, Alacritty, Kate and few others.

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No this will only be for ASCII logo.
To add an image you need to run

fastfetch --logo PATH-TO-LOGO

But as mentioned by @vazicebon you need to make sure your terminal supports it


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