[FAQ] Why you should NOT use grub-customizer

  1. First of all the name is misleading it is not a customizer for the grub setup, it is instead a customized grub!

  2. You do not change grub settings every day, and in 99,999% of cases you change something and never touch it again till something go south with it. And when this happens you have long time forgot about installing grub-customizer and used it to change … boot menu size or something… And if you start using Grub-Customizer you can not really use grub itself anymore in the same way… So most tutorials will fail… See here endless issues with using it:

  3. most settings can be handled by simply changing a well documented configuration, so with no real need for extreme custom grub bootloader setups… Try searching for default config options to add in /etc/default/grub Read the wiki: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/GRUB or ask here at the forum or at the telegram chat, we will help you in any way possible!

And here is how to remove it:

If you do already use grub-customizer and want to remove it follow this from /etc/grub.d/backup/RESTORE_INSTRUCTIONS to revert changes it has done to your system:


How to restore this backup

  • make sure you have root permissions (gksu nautilus or sudo -s on command line) otherwise you won’t be able to copy the files
  • to fix an unbootable configuration, just copy:
    • ‘/etc/grub.d/backup/boot_grub’ to ‘/boot/grub’
  • to reset the whole configuration (if it cannot be fixed by using grub customizer), also copy these files:
    • ‘/etc/grub.d/backup/etc_grub_d’ to ‘/etc/grub.d’
    • ‘/etc/grub.d/backup/default_grub’ to ‘/etc/default/grub’

So by that means to reset to what it was before using grub-customizer:

sudo cp -a /etc/grub.d/backup/boot_grub /boot/grub
To get system back booting like before …


sudo cp -a /etc/grub.d/backup/etc_grub_d /etc/grub.d
sudo cp /etc/grub.d/backup/default_grub /etc/default/grub
sudo pacman -R grub-customizer

to remove grub-customizer completely.



Thank you for this. This was almost a trap I fell into. :heart:


Necessarily bookmarked your post for future help-in-hand reference cases! Thanks much Johannes!


Mainly to link to in case … but also try find that info on the net… not even the source repos has that info to find somewhere …


Good thinking!