Failing to connect to windows-based VPN (PPTP/L2TP)

Trying to set up VPN connection to windows-based VPN (PPTP/L2TP). I have managed to set it up on ubuntu but failing to set it up after switching to EndeavourOS. The system was fully updated and rebooted prior to this.

Here are the relevant logs:

L2TP Log (via 'sudo /usr/lib/NetworkManager/nm-l2tp-service --debug')
** Message: xl2tpd started with pid 11108
xl2tpd[11108]: Not looking for kernel SAref support.
xl2tpd[11108]: Using l2tp kernel support.
xl2tpd[11108]: xl2tpd version xl2tpd-1.3.18 started on **** PID:11108
xl2tpd[11108]: Written by Mark Spencer, Copyright (C) 1998, Adtran, Inc.
xl2tpd[11108]: Forked by Scott Balmos and David Stipp, (C) 2001
xl2tpd[11108]: Inherited by Jeff McAdams, (C) 2002
xl2tpd[11108]: Forked again by Xelerance ( (C) 2006-2016
xl2tpd[11108]: Listening on IP address, port 1701
xl2tpd[11108]: get_call: allocating new tunnel for host ***.***.***.***, port 1701.
xl2tpd[11108]: Connecting to host ***.***.***.***, port 1701
xl2tpd[11108]: control_finish: message type is (null)(0).  Tunnel is 0, call is 0.
xl2tpd[11108]: control_finish: sending SCCRQ
nm-l2tp[11089] <warn>  Looks like pppd didn't initialize our dbus module
nm-l2tp[11089] <info>  Terminated xl2tpd daemon with PID 11108.
xl2tpd[11108]: death_handler: Fatal signal 15 received
xl2tpd[11108]: Connection 0 closed to ***.***.***.***, port 1701 (Server closing)
nm-l2tp[11089] <warn>  xl2tpd exited with error code 1
PPTP Log (via 'journalctl -f -u NetworkManager')
NetworkManager[11994]: Plugin /usr/lib/pppd/2.4.9/ loaded.
NetworkManager[11994]: Using interface ppp0
NetworkManager[11994]: Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/pts/4
pppd[11994]: Plugin /usr/lib/pppd/2.4.9/ loaded.
pppd[11994]: pppd 2.4.9 started by root, uid 0
pppd[11994]: Using interface ppp0
NetworkManager[937]: <info>  [1685567447.1453] manager: (ppp0): new Ppp device (/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/Devices/6)
pppd[11994]: Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/pts/4
pptp[11998]: nm-pptp-service-11988 log[main:pptp.c:353]: The synchronous pptp option is NOT activated
pptp[12005]: nm-pptp-service-11988 log[ctrlp_rep:pptp_ctrl.c:258]: Sent control packet type is 1 'Start-Control-Connection-Request'
pptp[12005]: nm-pptp-service-11988 log[ctrlp_disp:pptp_ctrl.c:781]: Received Start Control Connection Reply
pptp[12005]: nm-pptp-service-11988 log[ctrlp_disp:pptp_ctrl.c:815]: Client connection established.
pptp[12005]: nm-pptp-service-11988 log[ctrlp_rep:pptp_ctrl.c:258]: Sent control packet type is 7 'Outgoing-Call-Request'
pptp[12005]: nm-pptp-service-11988 log[ctrlp_disp:pptp_ctrl.c:900]: Received Outgoing Call Reply.
pptp[12005]: nm-pptp-service-11988 log[ctrlp_disp:pptp_ctrl.c:938]: Outgoing call established (call ID 15373, peer's call ID 54075).
pppd[11994]: LCP: timeout sending Config-Requests
NetworkManager[11994]: LCP: timeout sending Config-Requests
NetworkManager[11994]: Connection terminated.
pppd[11994]: Connection terminated.
NetworkManager[937]: <warn>  [1685567478.1635] vpn[0x5651c3b03550,c1449db4-bf09-4e17-9d82-cbe153fd64e7,"New vpn connection"]: dbus: failure: connect-failed (1)
pptp[12005]: nm-pptp-service-11988 log[callmgr_main:pptp_callmgr.c:245]: Closing connection (unhandled)
pptp[12005]: nm-pptp-service-11988 log[ctrlp_rep:pptp_ctrl.c:258]: Sent control packet type is 12 'Call-Clear-Request'
NetworkManager[11994]: Terminating on signal 15
NetworkManager[11994]: Modem hangup
pptp[12005]: nm-pptp-service-11988 log[call_callback:pptp_callmgr.c:84]: Closing connection (call state)
pppd[11994]: Terminating on signal 15
pppd[11994]: Modem hangup
pppd[11994]: Exit.

The error seems similar so maybe there is something wrong with my setup?

Figured out, not sure what had helped but: reinstall relevant packages, reboot, enable silent in config, enable UDP encapsulation, enable ikev1.

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