Failed to start Network Manager, not found ,How to fix it?

Hello everyone, today I am working suddenly, encountered some mistakes.

Maybe it is about ,but I don’t know why it is this, and how to fix it ?




I really need your help, thank you very much

Now, network isn’t work , start menu and very things aren’t work

Perhaps this might help


thank you , it is this problem , but I try follow it ,but no fix, cry

if network and pacman are not working it will be complicated to get it back from the running OS itself you will need to use liveiso and usy sysroot option from the pacman on the ISO… where you will have a possible network also…

On livesession make sure network is running and mount your system partition under /mnt and may you will need to check about needed steps of you may run BTRFS filesystem or using encryption.

Now you should be able to use sudo pacman --sysroot /mnt -Syu to update the broken installed system.

Helpful WiKi articles

FIrst how to chroot using the liveISO as @joekamprad mentioned

Next how to possibly boot into a TTY Console window

Now try Joe’s suggestion to run pacman.


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