"Failed to run pacman" error when installing EndeavourOS

Hi, I’m trying to install EndeavourOS on a Dell XPS 15 to dual boot with Windows 10. When I start the installation, it gets stuck at 0% and gives a “failed to run pacman” error message. How can I fix this?

Here is the install log: https://termbin.com/f8h8

Note: I’m using Artemis because I couldn’t get a wifi connection on Cassini. If this is an issue, I guess I can try Cassini again? But I want the online install so I can get i3wm.


you need to use the Endeavouros_Cassini_Nova-03-2023_R2 iso

2023-06-28 - 11:28:52 [6]: [PYTHON JOB]: “pacstrap: error: target not found: grub2-theme-endeavouros

Or you could try again and this time deselect this package in the package selection of the installer. This package is no longer available in EnOS’ repo.

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I tried again using the latest Cassini iso and got a different error “Boost.Python error in job "windowsbootentry”. Here are the logs: https://termbin.com/zi03

From your logs:

[Errno 30] Read-only file system

Your EFI partition is read-only. You need to make sure you disable “Fast Startup” in Windows and then shut down Windows.

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