"Failed to open key file" at boot, after GRUB

Having two key slots is normal. One is your passphrase and the other is the keyfile.

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What i would do is if you can boot into a tty or chroot into the system otherwise is uninstall the nvidia drivers with sudo nvidia-installer-dkms -n

This will remove the nividia drivers and install the opensource nouveau drivers


Update, I did a reinstall using calamares. This time I used a swapfile. No keyfile error.

So it’s the swap partition.

I’m gonna just chill with the swapfile. But at least I’ve narrowed it down to a partition

I’m starting to think it may be the mounting of subvolumes that is the issue.

Ie it’s looking for a keyfile prior to the subvolumes being mounted and accessible… Or at least that’s what I’m going with.

Correct me this assumption is wrong, but if say the keyfile was deleted, wouldn’t the system hang on decryption post grub unlock?

It’s odd as I neevr had this problem using the copy and paste instructions. This was however my first go using the installer with btrfs