Facing problems with Bluetooth audio devices

I have been distro hopping for over year now I settled for manjaro for some time but Endeavour is the perfect choice . Endeavour + KDE is just awesome, but I have been facing Bluetooth connection problems

I own OnePlus Wireless z it works fine but sometimes it gets stucked i mean Bluetooth is connected but no audio in settings it shows unknown device . I found two options
2.Upair and pair again

I tried changing Bluetooth utilities Bluedevil etc but nothings changed . I have been using endeavours for 6 months so it does not seem like firmware issue. some help would be appreciated !

In KDE there is no option to switch between Bluetooth profiles . Option is present but it has only 2 choices off/A2Dp sink . in Xfce we can switch from A2Dp/HSP in Bluetooth manager is there any workaround for that ??