Faced a problem when installing starship in my bash

I was following this guide to install starship in bash.

so I did
git clone https://github.com/powerline/fonts.git --depth=1
cd fonts
cd …
rm -rf fonts

then I tried to install otf-fira-code via pikaur but installation failed

then i did yay -S starship
the gedit ~/.bashrc
then i typed eval “$(starship init bash)” in the last line and save it.
then i accidentally type and hit enter
source ~/.zshrc

now i am getting this error every time i open bash or XTerm.

bash: zmodload: command not found
bash: /dev/fd/63: line 13: unexpected argument (' to conditional binary operator bash: /dev/fd/63: line 13: syntax error near ([’
bash: /dev/fd/63: line 13: `if [[ $ZSH_VERSION == ([1-4]*) ]]; then’
[arty@Judo ~]$

how do i fix this(sorry for bad english

That is a zsh command not bash, .zshrc is the config file for zsh. Either install and change to zsh or remove .zshrc :smiley:

Weird massagein the bash… :laughing: edited your title…

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