F(x)tec Pro1-X - A pretty cool mobile

I friend of mine sent me some info about this mobile phone device, and I kind of fell in love. It has a slide out keyboard, and has the ability to run LineageOS, Ubuntu Touch OS, and Android. Theoretically it should be able to run EnOS, but don’t quote me on that. It’s on the pricier side, at least for me, but… I really want one.


Great idea, I love physical keyboards (thanks BlackBerry!).
Support of multiple OS is also nice, reminds me of the famous Nexus 4 which could also run 5 or 6 different OS.

But this thing is not exactly portable at a weight of 250 g…

How is 250g not portable? That’s like 50 grams above the current average weight of most flagship phones, add a bulky or a leather wallet case thing, will be just about on par.

The only tacky thing about this device is the hinge, though even if that wears out, you can still use it as a regular smartphone. It’s not a laptop replacement by any means, but it looks like it’ll have its niche.

I’ll be interested in running ubuntu touch. I wonder how is the experience now days? :thinking:

I consider most of the flagship phones to be too heavy for my taste. I never use a case and always put the phone into the front pocket, that’s why I prefer small and light (preferably plastic) phones.

Remember the good old Nokia 8210: 80 g :slight_smile:

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It running Linux, and not Android is the main selling poin to met, and the keyboard is icing on the cake. I loved my HTC Sense back in the day.

I mean, I don’t like flagships either, mostly because I can’t afford them. But in general, the only thing that makes me miss old phones is screen size (and you could multipurpose them as a hammer or a weapon). Phones nowdays are just too damn big, but heft makes the device pleasant to use, as it doesn’t feel like I’m gonna snap it in half or it’s gonna fly out of my hand.

Could be that I’m just a big dude and lugging everything around in my pockets isn’t an issue. Plus I value durability, if a phone weighed a kilo and was built like a brick, I’d love it.

If this device turns out to be durable, next gen of it might be worth looking into as an option.

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I preordered one! crossing fingers it won’t take so much time to receive it as I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S10 with the stock ROM :man_facepalming: