Extract or Manually Type BIOS Menu Map?

I have a server motherboard with dual Xeon E5-2678v3 CPU’s that I bought from Ali Express a couple years ago. I am trying to find a way to simply extract all of the available BIOS settings the motherboard offers to a text file or something for reference as I intend to seek help with the ideal configuration for an XCP-NG installation. I’ve found general BIOS settings references on Intel, but those contain some options not available on my particular board, so that would get confusing.

If there’s no handy dandy tool I could use to extract it automagically to a text file, I’m willing to manually type out the entire menu structure into a text file. Due to the menu/submenu/options/values structure of it all, that could be tiresom to navigate, so manually writing it in something else that could offer expand/collapse functionality to said document would be perfect, but I’m not sure exactly what would be the most preferable way to go about that. I’d be uploading said document online so that the folks helping me can view it. I’m sure some html thing would do the expand/collapse feature I want, but I’m not one to view random html files from strangers on the Internet, so I can’t expect anyone else to do so either lol!

If nothing else, I can just do it in a text file like this:

     [SUB-MENU - ACPI Settings]
          [SETTING - Enable ACPI Auto Configuration]
               [VALUES] Enabled; Disabled
          [SETTING - Enable Hibernation]
               [VALUES] Enabled; Disabled
          [SETTING - Lock Legacy Resources]
               [VALUES]  Enabled; Disabled

And so on. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks much! :slight_smile: