External USB raid enclosures - recommendations?

Am looking to set up my own NAS, the ones available seem over priced for what is effectively a low powered PC.

So I was looking at a mini PC (Ryzen 5) + USB NAS enclosure + 2 8gb drives.

Anyone got any recommendations for a drive enclosure?

Am looking at:

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How do you expect to use it?
Mirrored drives or striped?

Personally, I would go for a small pc with 3 or more drive bays.
For ideas, have a look at pcpartpicker completed builds and search for ‘nas’.

You could also buy an off-lease Dell or some other brand PC. I’ve bought a couple of Amazon’s refurbished, and they’ve worked well.

I have an old boat anchor of a Dell T320 tower server that is hot and loud, so wouldn’t recommend that unless you can isolate it somewhere.

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I intend to put it behind the TV as a home theatre PC, will mirror the two disks (8tb is enough and more for my collection - running at just under 3tb on a very aged WD MyCloud).

Had thought about those options, but think this is the best solution.