External monitor resolution keeps resetting when plugging it in

Hi everyone,

I have EOS installed on a laptop that I connect every day to an external monitor via USB-C. About half the time, the resolution defaults to 1080p even though the monitor is not 1080p. In fact the laptop has never been connected to a 1080p monitor, and even its own resolution is not 1080p, so I don’t know why it decided to use that setting. If I go into display settings there are no options higher than 1080p until I unplug the laptop and plug it back in, then I have to go into display settings and select the correct resolution. Any ideas what might cause this?

I have this issue as well so watching. I feel like more info is needed to better troubleshoot this problem. There are a lot of variables.

Oops, I forgot to update my post - this was fixed by the KDE 6 update, so presumably it was an X11 problem because I have no issues in Wayland.

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