External monitor problem

Hi guys,
I’ve a bit of a problem that I don’t know how to tackle. The fact is, my installation of EndeavourOS uses propretary Nvidia driver installed directly from the ISO; I use KDE/wayland as DE and everything works really well. The moment I connect my external monitor with HDMI the system freeze, and if I boot with the display already connected all is a mess (panel is green instead of breeze dark, icon doesn’t apperas etc).
Connecting all to my windows installation I can see that when the external is connected the laptop monitor is using the integrated (Intel) card and the external is using the Nvidia card. Is just a behavior of windows or it could be that that’s what make KDE crashing?

Check your BIOS settings. Sometimes there is an auto-swap function that changes gpu setup, and cannot be controlled from the OS, unless it is WinOS.

I have nothing related in the bios sadly. I just think is hardwired (i didn’t think it was possible something like that). That means that I’ve to use iGpu and I cannot use proprietary drivers?

EDIT: I’ve made a little more testing and it seams exactly that, reinstalled EnOS without proprietary drivers and noticed that laptop screen uses Intel GPU and external use nouveau driver. Any idea how to make it works with proprietary instead?

I would install the nvidia drivers without any helper/utility, following Archwiki standard instructions.
No .conf files at /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ for GPU/nvidia.

Will try and see what happens thanks.

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After some trying I think it’s related also with KDE. Basically the situation is this:

  • prime iGPU mode work in both (KDE and Gnome) but external monitor stay powerred off. Expected because the HDMI is hardwired to Nvidia card

  • prime dGPU mode work in Gnome only if external screen is connected after boot, if not external display remains poweron but black, but laptop works correctly. In KDE if screen is connected before boot there are plenty of wierd glitch and desktop is unusable. If connected afterwards everything freezes and I’ve to force poweroff

  • prime hybrid mode work on gnome in both cases after a minor freeze on bootup or after connecting the screen. KDE as the same problem as with dGPU only

With what setup on drivers?
What do you mean with “prime iGPU”, “prime dGPU”, “prime Hybrid”?

In general, multihead has to do primarilly with Xorg (or Wayland) and less with the DE.
Logs is the only factual assistance that would help understand what is wrong or missing.
The more detail you give, the best we could help. :person_shrugging:
Xorg and journal logs ?
Video drivers installed packages ?
Configuration files ?