External HDD/Media Player access

In Thunar I can’t see and access my external HDD/media player that are connected to my WiFi router and hence part of my local network. When I used other OS it has by default showed up in the file explorer software (e.g. Finder or Explorer). How should resolve this problem and gain access? I’m just starting to learn my way around Linux and would be grateful for an over explained newbie answer.

Thunar needs additional packages to deal with network shares on Arch. You are likely missing gvfs, gvfs-smb or thunar-volman. You can install them with sudo pacman -S gvfs gvfs-smb thunar-volman.

edit: It would also be useful if you provided some more information, what desktop environment are you using (Gnome, xfce etc), how do you access the files on other machines (if you know)? Samba?

edit #2: sometimes network access and smb can be a bit tricky, if your device still does not show with those packages installed you can manually connect to it if you know the local IP of your network share by entering the address in the file path field of Thunar (ctrl + L to toggle it), prefixed with smb:// (e.g. smb://

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