External blu ray drive recommendations?


I’m starting to build a blu-ray collection and I wanted to purchase a blu ray drive that both reads and writes with decent speeds as well as good linux compatibility. A nice bonus would be if it included DVD R/W as well, but it isn’t important to me. Send me recommendations!

Are you looking for an internal drive that fits into a tower?

Negative, all external. I don’t have a case that has an internal drive closure.

There are not that many external blueray writers. I guess i would recommend this one because it does state it works on Linux. It’s usb 3.0 has 2 year US based Warranty. I’m not sure of your location.

Also because it’s made in Japan.



I will take a look but damn that price is crazy, I will keep an eye out on this.

Here’s another source and price.


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You can find cheaper :

An internal drive+USB enclosure is a good alternative.

If you want to watch Blu ray on your PC? forget it!
You gonna run into to much issue playing them, I gave up on that idea long ago, and bought a good normal Blu ray player.

Tere are programs who can help with the stupid blu ray copy protection bullshit like:

But for blu ray thy work only sometimes(sure I haven’t tried in years, but I doubt thy improved much since then).

Just get a good Blu ray player!

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It was working fine for me 7-8 years ago, I had just to replace the Blu-ray libs with the Makemkv one, something like :

sudo ln -s libmmbd.so.x libbdplus.so.x
sudo ln -s libmmbd.so.x libaacs.so.x

but I stopped using my computer for Blu-rays 4-5 years ago, I don’t know what is the BR situation now.

Maybe slightly cheaper but I’d rather have the one made in Japan.

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If you’re just looking for something that works without bells and whistles, inexpensive…

Here’s one option…

There are MANY options on Amazon with prices far below $100

Sure but look out for scamers! Tere is a lot of them on Amazon!

Scammers everywhere. I just read reviews. Anything I buy off of Amazon must have at least 100 reviews and a rating of 4 stars or more. Otherwise, I scroll on by.

If it ships from Amazon it shouldn’t be a problem.

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Mine was an LG and it worked great.

Yes… I like LG. :wink: