Extensions in GNOME 45

Right, thanks for the advice, I am tempted to switch to KDE to avoid this issue…

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I know, I changed my mind and accepted my fate…will upgrade and see…

I have verified that the extensions I’m using are almost ready for 45…Screenshot tool is the only exception .


This is my current list. I turned off validation - I probably won’t go to 45 for a month or two after anyways.

Interesting mix…I’ve been working with the Desktop Icons NG developer for a while now & his was ready almost right after the announcement— You can see I use quite a few of fmuellner extensions—he does “authorized” extensions & they are all ready to go also. I can live without Screenshot Tool for a while—it just adds a quick menu to Gnome Screenshot.

I’ll say that DashtoDock seems to have memory leaks (in my case) & DashfromDock is just that—nothing else…I do have the way to reduce the stock icon size—it was HUGE on my screen & he showed the code area to change. Easy to talk to the developer.

So, I’m ready for Gnome 45!

I didn’t have the dock until just recently.

So far I can’t tell of any memory leaks

Can we say - new tiling extension? Can you say built in Pop shell? I’m very interested to try out the new gnome 45 tiling asap. It sure looks promising to me.