Ext4 formatted live USB

Were your previous setups using MBR to boot, rather than UEFI? UEFI standards require a FAT partition for a simple minded read in the earliest stages…

When you dd iso to a USB drive (e.g. /dev/sdb) it doesn’t matter what was the original filesystem there. It will be overwritten by the filesystem that was used for the iso.
I think EndeavourOS iso is just the same loop device as you would find on a DVD therefore not Ext4.

Sorry, i really don’t know / i’m not that tech.
Thanks for reply.

That makes sense, thank you.

Hmmm, I don’t recall formatting any USB keys with anything other than FAT32 or ExFAT for the past several years…just throwing that out there.

just use Ventoy

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New usb drives usually come preformatted fat 32. If you are using etcher or popsicle on EOS you don’t have to do anything as the drives get written over everytime you put a new ISO on them.

Edit: Is most likely the case with most ways of creating the live ISO with an imaging program.

Me no like ventoy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, you like popsicles :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hello @Marvin and welcome to the amazing :enos: and where else can you get a Mod with a sense of humor…

Tar everyone for replies.
I really do prefer to use the “DD” command plus when i was looking for the Endeavour live superuser password, i noticed that they certainly lean towards using “DD” or other CLI command.
Thanks again though

As far as manufacturers are concerned any pendrivse you buy, and hard drives (inc SSD) too, are to be used on Windows or Apple only.
If you don’t believe me try ringing their support line and mention Linux (or BSD) - they will instantly say that they do not support Linux (or BSD). Even though WD & Seagate get users to download a test util which creates a Linux bootable drive and, obv, their own servers (and 95% of the worlds servers) are using Linux and some of those must have their HD’s in them.
Is it any wonder that new pendrives are fat32?

BTW, i know that you don’t have to change them, i prefer them to be ext so that Windows users see them as unreadable.

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I don’t use dd so what happens then on Endeavour using dd on it?


Many, many years ago one of the mods on one of the DEBIAN forums banned me because i had some files on my machine with an extension of “.inf” or “.info” (i had decided to use those for my text files which contained information, e.g. things like superuser password or a distro’s recommended method for creating a live USB.
To this day i am STILL banned from that forum!

Now THAT really is a sense of humour.


As you might’ve noticed we are much more welcoming and tolerant over here. I don’t have much experience in other Linux forums but this community is as good as it gets.

@ ricklinux
The USB becomes iso9660 formatted

I didn’t know that because i rarely use dd. I just did it for fun.


Edit: Learned something i didn’t even think about because i just never use dd much.

TBH @sradjoker every Linux/BSD forum i’ve ever been on (excluding Ubuntu & that Deb forum) have been not just welcoming but bend over backwards helpful too. This one certainly seems like it’s going to be fun.

@ricklinux LOL
I’ve always believed that every day you should try to learn something new and once you have it’s time to have fun.
Although when you’re retired that’s not such a big thing.

I hear you! I’ve just never used dd much and have not really looked at the file system on a usb stick that has been formatted using dd. It really doesn’t matter to me what file system is used as long as it works. Using the process i use i never have a problem.

I think this might be because it is an iso9660 formatted live image as i have def formatted lots of other usb drives as ext4 and then DD’d other live distro’s to them and they have stayed ext4 after the DD finished - and they’ve booted. Although i think i might have seen other distro’s overwrite the usb drives formatting … i guess i must have ignored it though.

Or maybe it’s “the way” (as someone mentioned in an earlier post) that the live image was created - i REALLY don’t know enough (anything!) about making live images.