Experience with syncthing?

I’ve recently installed and started playing around with syncthing. Does anybody here use it regularly? It seems like it’ll work for me as dropbox replacement, at least in terms of syncing stuff between my home and office desktops and my laptops. I’m not sure yet about logins from other computers. Does anybody here use/rely on it regularly? Are there significant security/data loss risks I should be aware of? Thanks.


Been using it for a couple of years now. Absolutely love it!
Syncthing runs on Android, Linux, my QNAP (arm) and Windows.

I sync my /home data between a nas (qnap), three desktops and two laptops. I also sync my keepass database, gpg keys, some data and pics with our android phones and the pc’s. My nas runs 24/7 and always receives and sends out the newest version. My nextcloud mounts data from the nas.
This way it doesn’t matter which device I access and work on; it always has the current data :grin:.

As a side effect, all the devices have a physical copy of my important data. I like this redundancy (but I do have backups on the nas, external and cloud also, of course).

I must admit though, setting up this type of sync, where almost every device syncs to all other devices is a pain (as in a lot of work, not difficulty :wink: ) to set up.
I’ve never had any data loss.

Go for it!


Less of an issue now (with 1.10?) as it now shows “nearby devices” when adding a device rather than asking you to enter the long device ID!


Thanks, good to know. I haven’t set up a new device for quite some time; at the moment it all just works :wink: .

In my case it subjectively still was a lot of work because I don’t just sync “/home” but instead set up a bunch of folders (for multiple users) which aren’t always shared across all devices. So I’ve probably had to add about 60+ folders for my current setup.
But once set up it just runs in the background on the devices; easy to forget.