Experience using BTRFS with Timeshift snapshots

Hello everyone, I installed EndeavourOS few days ago with BTRFS.

I installed Timeshift and configured it with BTRFS snapshots mode.

Since I installed the system I hadn’t a reason to restore a snapshot. So, can you guys tell me your experience with BTRFS and Timeshift, if it works well when restoring a snapshot or if it has some issues I must know.

Thank you all!

I first used Timeshift with Linux Mint 19. I had really good luck with it, especially after switching to btrfs from ext4. I’ve since switched to snapper as my btrfs volume setup is beyond what Timeshift can handle.

Have you considered using btrfs-assistant?

just a check - you got it so you have the option in grub too? (sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg). And it worked fine for me the one time i needed it.

I am using Timeshift and Timeshift-Autosnap with both the root and the home, and it so far works flawlessly. I am running EOS for a year now and had to boot up a snapshot twice, and with them listed in the grub boot loader it’s as easy as picking a different boot entry.

The worst thing about it is not reclaiming space whenever you delete stuff. You need to wait a little while until the snapshots containing the deleted files are rotated out (for me that’s a month).


Hey and welcome to forum.

I have had no problems with it.

I have used it together with timeshift-autosnap (and grub-btrfs) and I have been happy with it.
Make sure everything works before you really need it and maybe best to know how to restore snapshot from arch-chroot too.

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Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’ve setup my system multiple times following this tutorial.

it’s worked for me flawlessly and only had issues one time which was an upstream bug with a timeshift upgrade that caused issues with the snapshots.

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Thank you guys!

I installed grub-btrfs and timeshift-autosnap and did a test.

It seems to be working well. I will get to know about arch-chroot as @EOS recommended.


Hi @warshz and welcome!

I run Tmeshift with auto-snap and it works flawlessly.

Last month I experimented with the AKD and downloaded the zen kernel, not realising it had become the default kernel in the grub menu. I was thinking to revert to the default kernel, but since the zen kernel has never given me any problems and there are no kernel related errors in the logs, it’s become my daily driver.

Having snapshots is very comforting if you are like me, a tinkerer who doesn’t fully understand what is under the hood.

It’s one of many reasons I have no plans to move from EnOS.


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