Evolution unstable since update to Gnome 46

Gnome updated to 46 yesterday and since then, Evolution has been subject to random crashing. Just wondering if anyone else has been seeing it. Got Thunderbird setup as a fallback but not used to seeing Evolution get flaky after a Gnome update.

In the spirit of trying to eliminate things, I am running Evolution-3.52.0 on an x86_64 machine with Plasma 6 and it is working OK. So maybe? it’s Gnome and not Evolution.

The only problem I have with Evolution is occasionally I have to disconnect then reconnect my VPN service, but this doesn’t involve a crash like you are experiencing.

I hope it gets fixed sooner rather than later.


yes I confirm. Evolution not working on Gnome 46 update.

Hi JKMooney

You can start Evolution with the DebugLog, maybe it will help you to explain/recognize the problems:

CAMEL_DEBUG=imapx:io evolution > /tmp/evolution.log

The log fills up quickly and perhaps you will find the reason for the crash.

Just for the records: evolution works just fine for me with gnome 46. No issue.

I suspect the issue for me is associated with my Proton mail and calendar

I’ve never had much luck with Proton Mail integrating with any third party email client. They don’t seem to play nice together at all.

I am using Budgie, and Evolution 3.52.0 works normally.

Been just fine until Gnome 46. Although, this was the final kick I needed to go over to Hyprland so, I pulled much of Gnome over the weekend. I should see if evolution is more stable now .

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