Evolution doesn't receive or send emails

Since today evolution doesn’t send or receive emails, I’ve tried to re-enter the passwords and settings but nothing.
I’ve switched to Thunderbird and it worked instantly.

Before I go and support my co-workers to switch to Thunderbird, is there something I have overlooked?

EDIT: I also tried LTS kernel and reverted back to yesterday’s timeshift snapshot and it got the same results. There were no updates that could compromise Evolution.

I am going to start the support from a distance to my co-workers to switch to Thunderbird since we all have to move on, but I still am curious if someone else has this issue.

alle same email host?

No, all different.

i see lot is updated to te latest, but as gnome-online-accounts stil has some 3.7.90 versioning…

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The thing is that yesterday, it ran the same versions and everything worked, I update daily, so something happened today and it isn’t the new kernel update.

I also noticed that not every co-worker has this issue, the ones who had it didn’t update the system since monday.


Last Updated: 2020-10-05 18:22 UTC

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It isn’t that one either, I think I will do a comparison with a freshly installed system (VM) and compare it this weekend.

Otherwise I will leave it at that, in two weeks we will move on to Fedora with the arrival of the new Thinkpads.

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And is possible need a new config… so a vm wil give some clearance on that

I didn’t notice before but Gnome weather can’t connect either, perhaps there’s a bug in Gnome Shell?

Seems that I can send and receive posts via evolution.
Did you already do something?

BTW, I’m using Xfce. :wink:

EDIT: correction, sending doesn’t seem to work on some accounts…

possible, is with a update something configs of evolution get old, maybe backup those and setup again back ? there was some bug reports on the past also. backup the .evolution folder or something first ?

Brian… I’m also using Evolution but I’m having no problems today, and I do have all the current updates, so I’m not sure what to tell you.

Is this anything related to a problem with two way authentication?

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Localized TLS issue? If an imap server has strict TLS requirements, or if you have strict TLS requirements set on your box this could cause an issue, and it would fail quietly (outside of mail going nowhere).


@Bryanpwo I just check to use STARTTLS on IMAP and SMTP instead of TLS and it brings back full function:


Thanks @joekamprad that was it!