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this is written like the archwiki…


7.2.2 FontsThe fonts GRUB uses “PFF2 font format” bitmap fonts. Fonts are specified with full fontnames. Currently there is no provision for a preference list of fonts, or deriving one fontfrom another. Fonts are loaded with the “loadfont” command in GRUB (Section 16.3.42[loadfont], page 75). To see the list of loaded fonts, execute the “lsfonts” command(Section 16.3.45 [lsfonts], page 76). If there are too many fonts to fit on screen, do “setpager=1” before executing “lsfonts”.

Is it okay? Or something wrong with it displaying? :thinking:

No it is o.k. but the way it is written is like some parts of Archwiki without any example and linking from one to the other complicated writing…