/etc/default/grub doesn't exist?

Just what it says on the can: ls /etc/default -a yields . .. expressvpn keyboard locale useradd

Based on my understanding of things, this is pretty odd. I think that GRUB is working, at least partially, because I’m asked every startup whether I want to go with the normal kernel or the zen kernel.

Is something wrong with my system? Should I just I just go ahead and make a /etc/default/grub?

Did you install using systemd-boot instead of grub?

That is the default in newer installs.

If so, let us know what you were trying to change and we can tell if you there is an equivalent in systemd-boot.


Yup, that would be it. Your offer to help is much appreciated; I will probably be back. Right now I’m reading your big post about systemd-boot.