Error when installing ungoogled-chromium

Experiencing an error when attempting to install ungoogled-chromium.

Before installing I ran yay. Made sure everything was up to date. Required reboot. Came back and ran yay -S ungoogled-chromium and was greeted with this error.
Ran it a second time, hoping it would pass, but nope. hhmm.

Any ideas?! :confused:

I’m not sure exactly what your error is, but I wouldn’t recommend trying to build chromium from source code, anyway, unless you have a monster CPU. It will take hours upon hours, on every update. It’s like using Gentoo. :rofl:

If you just want to run ungoogled-chromium, it’s much easier to get the binaries (assuming you trust whomever compiled it). From the comments on the AUR website:

JstKddng commented on 2020-07-19 06:34

You can get prebuilt binaries here:

See also the readme on the GitHub page above, for how to install it, and verify its authenticity.

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hhmm, I didn’t realize it was building from source :open_mouth:

As for the rest of your comment … I’d really rather not venture down a road I don’t understand quite that well yet.

I have no problem using regular chromium :+1:

Ungoogled Chromium is also available as flatpak if you don’t mind the format:

It’s not too difficult, I’d recommend looking into it, you’ll learn a bit. If you need any specific help, let me know.



So here:

That’s adding a new source to download so I can safely install via pacman/yay, right?


So I’m thinking the method of adding the sources to pacman.conf is the better solution - becuase it will update whenever I run yay, right?

But if I were to build/install from the binary/source it would be “stuck” at that version.

The question, do you want to add a third-party repository? The answer is not necessarily no, but make sure you trust it. Read this first:

OBS stands for OpenSUSE Build Service. Chaotic AUR is used by Garuda Linux, among others. While I’m not 100% convinced of its trustworthiness, thousands of people use it, and there haven’t been any issues as far as I know.

If you want to use OBS, just follow the guide on the GitHub page. If you want to add ChaoticAUR, see this. Adding a third-party repo will make it trivial to install and update packages from that repo.

If you do not want to add a third party repo, you can manually download a package from it and install it using pacman. The downside is that you will not be able to automatically update it, but will have to manually download it every time.

You can find the package for ungoogled-chromium here:

These are built by various people, it is up to you to decide whether you trust them. If you do, you can download the package manually, and install it using the pacman -U option.

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Absolutely not, lol. Coming from Debian for years, there’s this

Well, that was surprisingly easy!

Yeah, I told you, it is not difficult at all.

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I’m seeing now, day by day - why Arch and pacman/yay are far superior to Debian/apt :laughing:

Loving the experience. A true convert right here :+1: