Error when installing themes

Ok me again
I know I’m always in trouble asking for help.
Luckily you guys are awesome

Getting a strange error when trying to install KDE plasma themes.

I’ve had the same error pop up with several different themes, so I’m assuming I did something wrong, or don’t have some dependency installed.
Any help would be appreciated

You might want to look at the home page for that theme. There are some things to watch out for.

I will read over it, but I am getting the same (or at least similar) error with several themes

It say’s it couldn’t install a dependency but it’s all language stuff?

Edit: Which one are you trying to install? Transparent or opaque?
Edit2: I tried it and get the same error.

Hmmm ok I must just have bad luck then thank you for your help

It will further attempt to download the following dependencies:

KDE Plasma Theme,
KDE Plasma Color Scheme,
GTK Theme,
Konsole Color Scheme,
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Isn’t that true of basically any “global” theme ? To download individual theme components?

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Yes @joekamprad was just pointing out that if any of those package dependencies have an issue the whole will fail.

Ahhh ok that makes sense

There are at least two themes that I know of for a fact that will not install at all. Pitch Black is one and I don’t remember the other, but I do know in my case it is the themes. As soon as I got my error I attempted other themes and not one had issues installing. Pitch Black I tried on two different distros.

Ok thanks, Good to know it’s not something on my end
shame that I can’t get a couple of these cool looking themes though

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