Error updating Arch mirrors from the Welcome app

Hi friends.

I update once a month the Arch mirrors and the EOS mirrors from the Welcome GUI.

In addition to my country (checked automatically) I also check “Worldwide” and click “Ok”, but today I got this error when trying to update Arch mirrors.

(The EOS mirrors do update correctly)

Maybe I did something wrong? I updated my EOS with “yay” 1 hour before trying to update the Arch mirrors.

Thanks in advance.

The message means reflector-simple (or reflector) did not find any mirror that could match the search options. Those options are on the right of the window. You can also add options manually (Optional reflector params).

Note that reflector-simple is a wrapper around reflector, so the options are the same as in reflector. To see all reflector options, run

reflector --help

Alternatively you can user reflector directly. Yet another mirror updater is rate-mirrors, see rate-mirrors --help.

Tip: I’d recommend using mirrors from Germany (since you are in Spain, right?) instead of Worldwide because German mirrors have been very good in my experience.

Edit: looks like reflector has some problems currently, rate-mirrors seems to work.

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Sorry for taking so long to reply friend!

I just tried it again with the same configuration and it works again, it seems that they have added/upgraded 1 mirror in Spain.

Yes, I am in Spain, I will also use German mirrors in the future as you recommended.

Thanks again for your help friend!

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