Error: premature end of file /vmlinuz-linux

Hello Everyone I’m relatively new to using linux, and after doing pacman -Syu the system crashed and on reboot I’ve been getting this error.

After reading the forum, some people had similar issues so I followed these steps:

  1. Live boot into EOS.
  2. sudo lsblk -f
  3. sudo mount /dev/sda11 /mnt This is my root partition
  4. sudo mount /dev/sda9 /mnt This is my boot partition
  5. sudo arch-chroot /mnt

After this step I see [root@Endeavouros /] # but I do not know what is the correct step to fix the original error in the image above. If anyone could give me a command I can try it would be appreciated.

I apologize if its something trivial I’ve been using EndeavourOS for a year but never had any problems I’m really new to fixing things and I cannot do a fresh install as and my documents are in there.

If I can provide more info to explain my situation better on anything or screenshots please tell me.

Thank you.

Try reinstalling your kernel when you are chrooted into your system, the exit the chroot root and reboot.
pacman -S linux

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Thank you trying it right now, will update you on the progress soon.

I got this error, sorry again if these things are trivial I really do not know what I’m doing.


rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck
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This looks wrong. You shouldn’t be mounting them to the same place.

Follow these instructions for how to chroot:

Thank you so much!! It’s updating, I hope for no more errors. :smiling_face_with_tear:
Thanks again!!


Sorry for bothering again, I did the update it showed the following data.

After that I tried rebooting and it showed this new error.

Did you also mount your /boot or /efi partition before you chrooted into the system, the initramfs usually gets generated after you install the kernel and then gets placed along side the location where the kernel is installed whether that be under /boot or /efi.

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Yes, I mounted both by doing these.

  1. sudo mount /dev/sda11 /mnt
    2 sudo mount /dev/sda9 /mnt/boot

I understand this is what you meant by mounting the /boot partition before chrooting into the system.

I just did sudo mkinitcpio -p linux while chrooted cause I found someone saying it on the forum with similar problem.

Wish me luck :saluting_face:

With your system partition mounted, please post the content of /etc/fstab.

Please don’t post screenshots.
Copy the text, paste it to your reply and press Ctrl-E to format

I don’t know how old your install is but there is a chance your system is already using dracut since it became the default about a year ago or less.

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Sorry I didn’t know won’t do it again.

Thank you everyone, after all your help and all these commands it’s finally working again!

For anyone facing the same problem,

sudo mkinitcpio -p linux

This was the last piece of command I used.
After doing all of the above.

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Then your install was from before the installer switched to dracut, although I’m surprised that doesn’t automatically get run with reinstalling a kernel. Glad that it is fixed!

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Ohh I really don’t know what dracut means, but I’m happy it’s updated and working.
Thanks again!

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